Randy Travis Sentenced To Community Service And Rehab For Drunk Naked Driving

Less than a year after Randy Travis was found drunk and naked next to his crashed car, a judge officially sentenced the musician to a punishment that will be either harsh or lenient depending on his future behavior. If the fifty-three-year-old successfully completes a thirty-day stint in a rehabilitation center, completes one hundred hours of community service and does not get arrested for two years, no further charges will come his way. If he screws up, however, it’s going to be a much bigger concern.

According to TMZ, in addition to whatever penalty he’ll get for the future crime he commits, Travis will get 180 days in the slammer tacked on. That might not sound like a ton, but for a drunk driving offense in which he only injured himself, almost six months in jail is a solid punishment.

Regardless of whether he stays out of trouble or not and in addition to everything else, Travis will also have to pay for a breathalyzer to be installed in his car. He’ll need to blow into it for the engine to start, and if he switches vehicles, he’ll need to get one installed in there too. Only with two years of staying out of trouble will he be allowed to drive anything without one.

Here’s to hoping this is the low moment Travis needs in order to kick the bottle to the curb and get sober once and for all.

Mack Rawden
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