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Rapper 2 Chainz Reportedly Arrested For Having Brass Knuckles In Carry-On

Rapper 2 Chainz was supposed to play a show in North Carolina today, but unfortunately, he never made it on the plane. The musician was working his way through security checks when authorities reportedly discovered an inappropriate object in his carry-on bag. Most baggage violations are simply fixed through pitching the incriminating items in the trash, whether they be large shampoo bottles or open liquids, but 2 Chainz’s questionable content was a little bit more serious.

According to TMZ, authorities found brass knuckles inside his suitcase. Why he felt like he needed the weapon in North Carolina isn’t clear, but TSA apparently didn’t buy whatever excuse he had. They booked the “Spend It” hitmaker on a misdemeanor possession of a criminal weapon charge and hauled him to jail. Thus far, no one involved with the incident has spoken out publicly, but given the brass knuckles only amount to a misdemeanor, one wouldn’t think the rapper would be held for very long. That’s not to say he’ll be able to make it to North Carolina in time, but he should be free to go about his life this evening.

There are certain places you can go in which authorities probably won’t be checking your pockets or your bags, but the airport is certainly not one of them. Maybe he forgot the brass knuckles were in his bag, or maybe he took the wrong bag. Regardless, he’ll likely be a bit more careful next time.

We’ll keep you updated if this case turns into something more serious.

Update: He might have had a four-finger ring rather than brass knuckles.

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