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Rashida Jones doesn’t shoot off her mouth on a regular basis, but she’s also not a boring interview either. The actress maintains a very lively and enjoyable Twitter account, and she regularly comments on the world around her. Like most people, she’s noticed the sharp increase in overt female sexuality lately, and instead of shutting her mouth about it, she decided to comment on it.

At first, it was just an off the cuff remark, but after she got a huge response from some people agreeing with her and others accusing her of slut shaming, she decided to open up a little more to clarify her thoughts, much like she did during the John Travolta scandal.

On the one hand, it’s pretty clear where Jones is coming from. Over the last few months, female celebrities have been dropping sexy pictures on the Internet like it’s their job, and oddly, people really don’t seem surprised by any of it in the slightest. It’s like everyone just expects this is how female pop stars behave now, and it seems weird and detrimental for society for very sexually forward behavior to just be expected from famous women.

On the other hand, however, there are many who think women owning their own sexiness and using their own body to maximize their own fame is not only perfectly acceptable but a positive for society. There are many who think what Miley Cyrus and others do is actually a modern version of feminism that will empower women to make their own choices down the road. After all, I think most people would agree too much sexuality is better than women not having any control over their own sexuality.

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