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Let the record show Lisa Hochstein is more sensitive than most people on television. The Real Housewives of Miami star announced this week that she’s suing a random woman named Jessica Lederman for posting an allegedly untrue claim in the comment section underneath an Internet article.

According to TMZ, Lederman posted underneath an article that Hochstein worked as an escort and once did soft core pornography in Las Vegas. If you take it from the reality star, neither of those claims are true, and hilariously, she thinks the random Internet user’s comments did serious damage to her reputation and threatened both her employment and her social life. Consequently, she wants in excess of fifteen thousand dollars to make the situation right.

Ordinarily, I’m the last person to defend people who leave comments underneath Internet articles. I have to delete at least ten messages a day that contain ethnic slurs or death threats, and the vast majority of them are on completely unimportant casting news articles. That being said, however, celebrities, or in this case, a pseudo-celebrity, can’t waste her life hanging on every single tweet or Internet comment. I’m sure even beloved people like Tom Hanks and Kate Middleton get hatemail. Hell, I’m sure even nice human beings that don’t rock the boat like William H Macy get slandered on a daily basis.

I get taking an outlet or a journalist to court. I will never understand taking some random Internet user to court over a lie, no matter how unfounded and obnoxious it might be, but if this is how she wants to spend her time, she has ever right to do it.