Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield has lost a prolonged legal battle against her own lawyers. The reality star hired the law firm of Weinstock & Scavo several years ago when she divorced NFL player Bob Whitfield. Unfortunately, after the legal case was over, the relationship between the client and her attorneys quickly went south. They hit her with a bill of roughly $165,000, and instead of forking over the amount, she decided to pay what she thought her lawyers earned.

According to TMZ, that figure wound up being a little less than $70,000. The fine people over at Weinstock & Scavo obviously weren’t pleased about being shorted by almost one hundred thousand dollars; so, they filed a lawsuit against Whitfield seeking the full amount. Because of some twists, turns and delays, the matter wasn’t officially decided by a judge until recently, but when he ruled, he do so heavily in favor of the plaintiffs. Not only did he award Weinstock & Scavo the almost one hundred thousand dollars Whitfield owed, the judge slapped her with more than twenty thousand dollars in interest as a penalty for not paying on time.

I haven’t the slightest idea why anyone would consider messing with their attorneys. Not only do they know their way around the courtroom, it only costs them time to push legal matters, as opposed to the money their former clients must spend to hire new lawyers. For her sake, I hope Sheree doesn’t have any reason to go to court for awhile.

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