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Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen found himself in jail yesterday after an argument with his son spiraled out of control. After being called to the scene, officers reportedly spotted some injuries on the juvenile, which were enough to arrest his father who police suspected may have had a few drinks. Once at the station, Madsen was officially booked and charged with cruelty to a child. That’s a felony in California, and if convicted, the celebrity could get more than just a slap on the wrist.

Right now, that’s a big if though. According to TMZ, Madsen’s attorney has already begun defending her client in the press, telling the outlet the confrontation happened after the actor walked in on his son smoking pot. Apparently, he tried to confiscate the drugs, and that’s when the argument broke out. The lawyer further asked for the press to respect the family’s privacy at this time, but considering she already offered one version of events publicly, I doubt anyone else will take a hands off approach moving forward.

Regardless of what exactly happened, yesterday’s incident was a pretty sad one. Either Madsen has lost control of his juvenile son or he acted aggressively and without provocation. Our thoughts go out to the entire family as they no doubt are trying to figure out where to go from here.

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