Cockiness might turn off some music fans, but in the rap world, at least a little bit of hype and swagger are almost prerequisites. From bragging about album sales to trumpeting sexual conquests, most of the boasts are par for the course by now. Rick Ross’ latest self-high-five, however, is probably breaking new ground. In fact, it’s the type of bravado that’s making even the biggest rap fans double take.

You see the picture embedded above from Ross’ Instagram account? It was taken recently and it features a pretty good shot of the rapper’s brand new tattoo: a cursive inscription of the phrase “Rich Forever” on his chin. That’s right. Let’s just pause her for a second to make sure the reality of what happened sinks in. Rick Ross got a tattoo that says “Rich Forever” on his chin.

Is that the cockiest thing a rapper has ever done? Is it the dumbest? Is it somehow both? I honestly can’t figure out whether this decision is going to take his career to a new level or if it’s going to be his “Jump The Shark” moment where everyone collectively says, “Yeah, I’ve had enough of this.” That line between caricature and clown is always moving. It’s like wack-a-mole, and it’s hard to predict whether it’ll move toward reality or fantasy moving forward.

That being said, there are a few reasons why this isn’t quite as horrible of a tattoo as it seems. First of all, Ross has one of the greatest beards in all of show business. He’s mastered the beard about as well as Tom Selleck has mastered the moustache. As such, he can just grow out that section of beard anytime he wants, and no one will actually be able to see it. Beyond that, he’s also always lived his life on the edge and clearly, that’s where he’s most comfortable.

Keep doing you, Rick Ross, and for your sake, please, please be careful with your money. Going broke sucks. Going broke when you have a face tattoo boasting about wealth is almost too upsetting to even think about.

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