Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were never excited about discussing their relationship prior to the cheating scandal, and they sure as hell aren’t amped to talk about whatever is going on now. Consequently, the only real way to figure out what’s going on between the Twilight stars is to follow their movements, and if new reports are to be believed, those movements have put the two back in the same house.

According to US Weekly, Pattinson and Stewart have moved in together again and have full on reconciled. Without outside confirmation, that news falls into the rumor category, but given other outlets have recently reported the two are getting back on good terms again, shacking up certainly wouldn’t be out of left field. In fact, it’s probably expected at this point.

If the US Weekly story is to be believed, the two celebrities aren’t exactly the fun-loving couple they once were. They’re taking things slowly and feeling out the situation as they go. Hopefully, however, this whole mess will eventually be nothing but a small blip during their otherwise long and fruitful relationship.

In the coming months, Stewart and Pattinson will begin doing Twilight appearances together. If their status hasn’t become clear by that point, one would imagine the looks they give each other and how they behave will tell fans all they need to know.

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