Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson have called it quits. The couple only ever managed to make a blip on the celebrity romance radar, having only begun dating in May of 2012. Sometimes the age gap thing can be tough, especially when it’s over the twenty-year mark—Dawson is currently 33 and Boyle is 56; however, the two really seemed to make it work, and were sort-of endearing together. They didn't manage to make it over the long haul, though.

The two met on the set of Boyle’s upcoming film Trance and began dating soon after the film finished shooting, but apparently the two were ice cold when it came to the Trance promotional junkets over the weekend. According to US Weekly, earlier this month the 127 Hours director refused to pipe up about his relationship with Dawson in a special interview with the Daily Mail, which may have been our first clue the couple had called it quits.

When they were dating, Dawson, at least, was less shy about piping up about the couple’s relationship, calling Boyle a “kind man” and a really brilliant human being in an interview with Access Hollywood in October. Unfortunately, the thoughtful words weren’t meant to last. The good news is, the two seem to have broken up before the relationship got particularly serious and joint apartment items were bought, etc.

The ex-couple’s last collaborative effort will soon hit theaters. So, if you’re feeling maudlin, or simply like either Boyle or Dawson, you can catch Trance in theaters beginning on March 27.

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