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Singer Rufus Wainwright tied the knot with his longtime partner Jorn Weisbrodt yesterday, and if the details of the event were any indication, guests must have had an awesome time. The menu included clams, lobster rolls and local corn. The deejay sets were spun by AndrewAndrew and Mark Ronson, and the whole thing took place in beautiful Montauk.

According to People, artist Justin Vivian Bond officiated the ceremony, and live performances were given by Rufus’ sister Martha, David Aron Carpenter and the Salome Chamber Orchestra. That’s one of the big pluses of being a well-liked member of the entertainment industry. There are plenty of people who are ready, willing and able to contribute to the more flashy elements of the festivities.

None of the guests have spoken at length about their experiences at the nuptials, but considering how big of stars many on the list were, one would imagine they’ll get asked about it soon enough. In addition to those mentioned above, celebrities Lou Reed, Carrie Fisher, Alan Cumming, Julianne Moore and Yoko Ono were on hand to offer their congratulations and assumedly, chow down on the lobster rolls.

Pop Blend sends out its well-wishes to Wainwright and Weisbrodt. Here’s to hoping the smiles so prevalent on their happy day will be regularly spotted throughout the rest of their marriage, as well as on the face of their eighteen-month-old daughter Viva.

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