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Janet Jackson and Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana have been dating for the past two years, but if the latest round of whispers is to be believed, they might be ready to take their relationship to a new level. Sources close to the couple are reportedly saying he gave her a big, fat ring earlier this year, and they are already in the process of planning a wedding.

The rumor was first put forward by US Weekly this morning. The outlet is claiming the ceremony will be set in Qatar in the spring but still feature an extensive guest list involving many of her friends and family members being flown in. A high profile, high end chef is reportedly being sought to collaborate on a special menu, and if all goes according to plan, the luxury-brand mogul and the musician will follow the event with children, either naturally if possible or through adoption.

At this juncture, of course, this is all still a big if. Jackson and Al Mana haven’t spoken much publically about their relationship, and they haven’t commented on this supposed ceremony they may be planning for spring. So, until they say otherwise, this should definitely be treated as a juicy, exciting and unverified rumor.

If this wedding does happen, however, expect it to be one giant circus with plenty of media members waiting outside trying to get snapshots.