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As an all-pro running back for the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Turner has spent his NFL career running away from tacklers, but he was forced to run toward them yesterday after his current girlfriend and his baby mama got into it in his front yard. The two women disagree on what prompted the altercation, but both admit it was violent and involved a golf club. Now police are trying to sort through the mess and figure out what exactly went down.

According to TMZ, Rasheeda Walker, thirty-two, told police she showed up at Turner’s residence yesterday because she’s pregnant with his baby, and he refuses to see her or the two other young children they have. Apparently, she just wanted to talk things through, but upon ringing the door bell, she was allegedly met by Turner’s new girlfriend, Elizabeth Delacruz, who was wielding a golf club. Walker claims the other woman shouted, “You at my house now bitch” before getting physical. Much of the story Delacruz told police was largely the same, but she claimed the altercation started when Walker snuck in the back door.

Regardless of how it began, both women ended up bleeding and injured on the front lawn. It likely would have been a lot worse, but thankfully, Turner jumped in the middle and separated the two. Neither are pressing charges and each hopes the matter can just be dropped. In an effort to do just that, police warned Walker not to trespass on the property again. Provided Turner reaches out to her to solve the paternity issues, one would imagine that wouldn’t be a problem.

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