Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s marriage might have snuck up on most people, but apparently, the union wasn’t that shocking for those closest to the couple. In fact, they’ve been playing house and putting down the preparations to start their lives together for months. Now that the wedding is out of the way, they’re ready to become happy and quiet suburbanites.

According to People, Reynolds and Lively were already sure they’d marry when they splashed down two million dollars for a house back in April. The Bedford, New York residence drew their eye because of how much character it had, and she’s supposedly been putting in a lot of effort since to make it feel as homey and comfortable as possible. That pursuit has taken her all over the surrounding area in search of interesting, one of a kind pieces that fit her modern traditional with a twist taste.

The movie industry might offer these two a lot of crazy opportunities, but having a house to escape all the pressure and Los Angeles-ness might be exactly what they need to forge a lasting and beautiful longterm relationship. Besides, with her desire to have a huge family, the couple is going to need plenty of space for kicking soccer balls around and building tree houses.

Here’s to hoping we get a look inside this residence at some point via an HGTV special.

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