It looks like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s relationship is getting more serious by the day. The couple, who began seeing each other last year, just shelled out more than two million dollars for a country home in Bedford, New York that should prove a relaxing refuge away from the prying eyes of photographers and the near-constant commitments of fame.

Far from out of left field, Reynolds and Lively were spotted checking out potential residences on the East Coast a few days back. This one must have stood out though because the pair swooped it up quickly, and according to People, they’ve been spending the past couple evenings checking out the various restaurants and activities Bedfod, New York has to offer.

Following his break-up with Scarlett Johansson and the end of her relationship with Leonardo Dicaprio, it was widely thought these two sought distraction in each other’s arms more than anything else, but as the weeks have settled into months, it’s becoming increasingly obvious there is plenty of substance to the relationship. Life is all about balance, and if this house winds up being the conduit needed to spend time together, the two million they dropped will have been completely worth it.

Pop Blend sends out its congratulations to the happy couple on their new purchase. Now it’s just a matter of choosing the right furniture and accessorizing properly. Something tells me she’ll meet that job head on.


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