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Scotty McCreery Falls Off Stage Mid-Song

A lot of musicians put an incredible amount of time into looking cool. Scotty McCreery is apparently not among them. The eighteen-year-old American Idol winner was performing at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts this past weekend when he literally fell of the stage mid-song. Like a seasoned performer, he kept going as if nothing bizarre had just happened, and after the show, like a straight up awesome dude, he decided to give everyone a bit of a chuckle.

Most other performers would have prayed video of the incident never saw the light of day. McCreery, however, tracked down the footage himself and decided to post it over at Telly with the caption “If anybody wants a good laugh.” No doubt plenty of McCreery’s fans got a nice chuckle out of the incident, perhaps none more so than the performer’s touring partner, Brad Paisley.

Prior to the next night’s gig, Paisley made some alterations to the stage. Take a look at his handy work below…

This is why people like country stars. No single group keeps it more real than they do. They drink hard, connect with the fans and apparently, tease each other without mercy.

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