Sea Otter Escapes The Clutches Of A Killer Whale

The majesty of the killer whale cannot be denied, and it makes it easy to forget those killer teeth are responsible for ripping up and tearing into other mammals across the high seas. As “Alaska Whale vs. Witty Otter” shows us, it’s not impossible to escape the clutches of a whale, but the animal does need to be a little resourceful, and sometimes, sacrifice something very precious.

The video starts out with some dudes in a boat who happen to glimpse a killer whale. As time passes, the whale stays with the boat, swimming around it, coming up to the surface of the water, and generally looking pretty cool. Unfortunately, a mother and baby otter are also in the area and the whale sees nothing in them but a nice snacking opportunity. Spoiler alert, this video is kind of sad, despite having an alright resolution. Although mother otter makes it through the attack, shit gets real, and baby otter isn’t so lucky.

Mother otter’s survival instincts kick in, and she finds a safe and very short-term home on the boat with the two men who couldn’t save her child, but could give her refuge. While the quality of the video is very homespun, the intent of the video is very National Geographic. I’m really happy the two boat guys didn’t try to mess with nature and step between the otter and the whale, although that would have truly been a whale of a tale.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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