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Seaside Heights, New Jersey just can’t seem to catch a break. The famed seaside town, known for its fun boardwalk, small amusement park stretching out over the water, and of course, the cast of Jersey Shore, was hit pretty hard last year when Superstorm Sandy hit. Then on Thursday, a small blaze turned into a large fire and took the boardwalk down, once more.

During the afternoon on Thursday, a small fire hit the boardwalk at Seaside Park. Around 2:30 p.m., firefighters were called to the scene and found the fire tearing through old sections and recently fixed up sections of the boardwalk alike. The fire was already growing, and firefighters had trouble controlling the blaze. So much trouble, in fact, that they called in the Seaside Heights Fire Department to come in and help as the fire grew from a small one to a huge one, lasting for over eight hours before the firefighters had the entire area under control. According to USA Today, damages right now look as if they will be pretty costly to fix, with repairs for just the boardwalk looking to be around $1.88 million.

That’s a devastating loss for a town that just recently got over the effects of Superstorm Sandy, which were catastrophic. Not only was the tourist area of the town in bad shape, but water flooded houses and other businesses, as well. At the time, we stressed that it could take several years to overcome all of the obstacles the superstorm brought with her, and it was only a few months ago that the city truly begin to clean up the boardwalk area, clearing it of debris and some of the rides that were still submerged under water. Now, the fire has added to the cost and length of time it will take.

But Seaside Heights is an optimistic town, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says things will go back to normal.
"We will rebuild. We'll make new memories for our families because that's what we do."

Only this time around, the rest of the country won’t be watching and won’t be donating via events like < i>The Concert for Sandy. Those living in the state and in the city will have to rally together in order to make Seaside Heights a robust tourist destination, once more, ideally this time for more upstanding citizens and less loudmouthed kids.

While the loss of property is yet another blow to the New Jersey communities, they can be thankful that the blaze caused no loss of life and few injuries.

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