Red carpets are always chaotic. With so many journalists, movie stars, significant others, cameramen, publicists and randoms crammed into such a small space, viewers at home are bound to miss some of their favorite stars, especially if they change to another station. It’s a well known fact that it’s best to stick with one network, but I made the foolish mistake today of swapping to see if any of the other stations would talk about the Sacha Baron Cohen incident. As a result, I skipped over a ton of beautiful people. Luckily, that’s why God invented pictures.

ABC was kind enough to forward on some shots of many in attendance, and I have to say, all in all, I approve of most of the outfits. Emma Stone looks positively beautiful in her long red dress, and Angelina Jolie’s exposed leg remains a head turner. Even her nominated husband Brad Pitt pulls off his long hair quite well. Twitter exploded after Jennifer Lopez's plunging neckline was first shown, but I honestly would have been more surprised if she picked a conservative dress.

Later tonight and on through tomorrow, networks will start running specials critiquing the outfit choices and picking their favorites. Some of that even went on during the Oscar red carpet itself, but to make up your own mind, go ahead and browse through the photo album below….

Photo Credit: ©ABC

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