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Oklahoma City Thunder all-star Russell Westbrook has never been shy about expressing himself through fashion. He routinely wears fake glasses, rocks shirts that may or may not cut off his circulation and one time, even sported a really bright and expensive polo devoted to fishing. Consequently, he’s set the turn-your-head-in-shock bar pretty high over the past few years, but even so, I’m not sure anyone was ready for what the Olympic Gold Medalist rocked today.

Check out how Russ looked prior to the Thunder’s road game against the Clippers…

For the sake of time, let’s not even address that skintight shirt. He’s worn those before, and he’ll sure as hell wear them again. Instead, let’s focus on the two other elephants on the runway. First of all, he’s rocking a handbag. Not a laptop bag. Not a satchel or a briefcase---a full on handbag. Second of all and perhaps even more strangely, he’s rocking Capri pants. Those are almost always a bad idea, but to be perfectly honest with you, this wild outfit might actually work. Half of the time I look at it, the ensemble seems too ludicrous to be real, and half of the time I think, “this swaggy motherfucker knows exactly what he’s doing.”

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