The Buckwild world was rocked after 21-year-old cast member Shain Gandee was pronounced dead, along with two other individuals, in what seemed to be an off-roading accident. In the days following the April 1st tragedy, family members and friends have been rallying to try to raise money to cover funeral expenses, but now the two production companies that put together MTV’s hit reality show are saying they will pay to cover Gandee’s funeral costs.

Parallel Entertainment and Zoo Productions are putting together any funds needed to help out Gandee’s family so they can pay for recovery efforts, as well. According to TMZ, any leftover money the two production companies donate will help to pay for the costs of the two other funerals of the men who died in the off-roading accident, one of which was a relative of Shain’s. While the family was waffling over having a private or public service, they ultimately opted to go with a public service that will be held this weekend, on Saturday.

It should be noted the men were off-roading on Monday when the truck they were driving was submerged in mud. The exhaust pipe was completely covered and the men died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Since the bodies were found and the accident was confirmed, MTV has shut down production of Buckwild until further notice. The show has been wildly popular for the network, so despite the ramifications of the accident, it is likely we will hear from the series, again.

Our hearts go out to Gandee’s family members as they work their way through this tough week.

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