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Sharon Osbourne and her family woke up this morning to a bit of a tragedy. Her house had caught on fire, after the normally super responsible mother and The Talk cast member had left a candle burning overnight. At some point, the candle won a battle against the house, but luckily the candle didn’t win the war.

Firefighters working for the Beverly Hills Fire Department arrived at the Osbourne’s home in Los Angeles at a quarter to 5 a.m. PST on Thursday to put out the blaze. Luckily, the fire hadn’t gotten too far into the house and the well-trained firefighters were able to put out the candle fire before it caused any sort of significant damage to the house. The Osbourne mother spoke to TMZ after the event, warning fans and anyone heeding her message to remember to put the candles out.
"Please everybody always check all the candles lit in the house before going to bed. I didn't, and at 5am this morning I was met with 5 gorgeous men from the BH Fire Department as they put out the fire in my house."

Gorgeous men aside, no one wants to be woken up to the sound of fire tearing up precious possessions, and especially not because of an accident as preventable as leaving on a candle. This sort of thing still happens more often than you might guess. In 2012, Kat Von D lost her home due to a fire and her insurance sued her after determining she may have negligently left candles lit throughout her home. Candles smell nice and are mostly relaxing, but it’s nice that there are also battery charged candles, just in case.