Tim Tebow doesn’t have a ton of on-the-field responsibilities these days with the New York Jets, which is probably why his personal life is becoming more scandalous than ever before. The committed virgin and born again Christian reportedly went on a date last night with Camilla Belle, and by all accounts, there were both good times and hand holding over the course of the evening.

If Camilla sounds familiar to you, it’s probably for one of three reasons. 1) She’s an actress with a slew of credits to her name including Push, Jurassic Park 2, When A Stranger Calls and 10,000 BC. 2) She is smoking hot. 3) She apparently has a thing for people who want to stay a virgin until marriage. Belle was in a high profile relationship with Joe Jonas back in 2008-2009, and considering there aren’t that many high profile male virgins in Hollywood, that seems like more than a coincidence.

Luckily, as odd types to date go, overly sweet Christians are far from a poor choice. Both Joe and Tim are reportedly very nice guys, and if yesterday evening’s date is any sign of what’s to come, Camilla may be in for a lot of smiles. According to TMZ, the new couple went to Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, bowled with a large group of friends and got pretty affectionate.

Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to Tebow and Belle as they try to make it work. Their schedules will likely make dating difficult, but if it’s meant to be, they’ll figure out a way to make it work.

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