Last night, longtime comedian Fred Willard was arrested by police in Hollywood for allegedly dropping his pants while at an adult theater. He was booked on a charge of lewd acts and released shortly thereafter. By this morning, the story was all over the papers, and in response, PBS decided to fire him from his job as the narrator on Market Warriors.

Now, a case could obviously be made that PBS has every right to fire someone involved in a scandal as bizarre as this. Celebrities have been canned for far less before and will be in the future too. On the other hand, it’s a bit unsettling that PBS acted so quickly. Willard denied anything inappropriate happened to TMZ this afternoon, and even the theater owner lashed out at the police because he didn’t see Willard do anything wrong.

Given his more than forty years in the industry, it’s highly unlikely the comedian will have any trouble resuming his career. In fact, the humorous ordeal might even land him a few roles in goofy comedies, but regardless if that happens, he still got fired quickly and mercilessly from his job within hours of an arrest. PBS has even announced it will reshoot the episodes he completed.

I think PBS showed have waited a few days to let the matter sort itself out. What do you think? Should Willard have been fired? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should He Have Been Fired Immediately?

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