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Not enough people watched Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show. I know this a) because it wasn’t picked up for a second season and b) because this incredible speed painter appeared and the general public didn’t catch wind of it until a few days ago when it suddenly went viral.

Dressed like a mad chef and possessing only two colors: red and white, this dude from Georgia worked the canvas for ninety seconds, thoroughly confusing everyone until he flipped his painting over after the clock ran out. Suddenly, what was a bunch of nonsense turned into an incredible portrait of Anderson, which wowed the judges for the hokey segment “Anderson’s Viewers Got Talent”. Take a look the impressive display of artistic speed below…

The great thing about D. Westry’s painting is that it has some artistic flair to it. It’s not just a direct drawing of the host’s face like a talented fifteen-year-old would do. It legitimately looks like something someone might buy for a moderate price at a street fair, which, considering it was done in ninety seconds, is incredibly impressive.

For more on Westry, you can check out his personal website here.

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