The Situation Denies Rehab Rumors, Do You Believe Him?

Just days after it was announced the Jersey Shore cast members would once again spend their summers partying on camera, rumors began to circulate that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino had checked into rehab. Arguably the reality show’s most famous name, the twenty-nine year old has spent the past few years making promotional appearances and living the life of a realty star. If the reports are to be believed, those late nights finally caught up to him, but if the Situation himself is to be believed, there’s no problem whatsoever.

The rehab story was first passed along by TMZ. The outlet reported the Situation was staying in an inpatient rehabilitation facility to get treatment for an unspecified problem. In an extensive write-up, Radar Online verified the story and claimed the problem in question was prescription drugs that were taken to counteract the sleepless nights.

The Situation’s representative made the rounds today to talk about the story, and argued his client was not actually in rehab but instead spending a few weeks away from the general public to rest and recuperate before filming on the next season begins. Sorrentino always went on Twitter to tell fans not to believe everything TMZ publishes.

Where exactly the truth lies is anyone’s guess at this point. Clearly, the Situation did need some time away. A man can’t party for months on end without exhaustion, but there’s a fine line between recovering on your own and getting professional help.

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