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The Smith family is no stranger to bizarre rumors. From divorces to odd roles, Will, Jada and their children find themselves in the headlines on a pretty regular basis. That being said, I’m not sure they’ve ever dealt with a more bizarre rumor than the one that’s been going around this week.

Originally reported by The Sun, the rumor claims the After Earth star Jaden Smith really wants to be emancipated from his parents on his fifteenth birthday so he can find his own place to live and have more control over his life. Given Will and Jada’s very well-documented discipline free parenting style, the whisper isn’t as ridiculous as it might seem from the outside, but according to Gossip Cop, the Smith family is still denying the claim vigorously.

There are rare situations, usually involving abuse or savage cruelty, in which a fifteen-year-old being emancipated from his or her parents might be a good idea. In general, however, teenagers are better off living with adults until they graduate from high school and gain a fair amount of life experience. Right now, there’s no reason not to take the Smith family at their word that Jaden is not trying to move out. If anything changes, we’ll be sure and let you know. Until then, try to get along with your parents as best as possible, whether you live inside their house or not.

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