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It’s been 26 years since The Smiths were officially a band and in the time since a lot of drama has gone down, including a lawsuit that prompted further division within the former group, forcing Morrissey and Johnny Marr to split out some of the profits to the other band members. However, if you ask band member Mike Joyce (who profited from the lawsuit), a Smiths reunion could still be in the cards.

Joyce says if the men were able to seriously sit down and think about the possibility of reuniting for profit, he truly believes they could come to an agreement. Bands from Fleetwood Mac to The Stone Roses have reunited to tour over the years, and if The Smiths were to come to an agreement, Joyce told The Sun (via NME) he believes the band would sound better than ever.
"It would sound great. I'm a better player than I was. Morrissey's voice is still incredible, Johnny is playing great. With the equipment and PA systems 30 years on, if we got up on stage and played, it would sound incredible."

Even if Joyce would be game, it’s hard telling whether the possibility of getting the men into the same room again would even be reasonable—unless they were suing one another, once more. Over the years, the possibility of The Smiths touring again has been rumored over and over again, and it almost feels like an urban legend. I’ve seen stranger things happen, but since the band is 26 years out of practice when it comes to playing with one another, I’m not holding my breath. Even so, it’s fun to consider the possibility.