Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was reportedly rushed to the hospital this afternoon to have her long-awaited baby, and while we have no official word as to whether the child has come, a few pertinent details have emerged—most importantly, that the entire thing is reportedly being filmed.

Update: Snooki had a baby boy. You can read about it here.

Given Snooki’s appearances on Jersey Shore and her new spin-off, it’s not altogether odd the reality star would want the cameras around, but last month, she said her fiancé Jionni was completely against it. After much debate, they reportedly settled on a compromise where he would film the birth himself. If the New York Daily News is to be believed, however, something apparently changed.

Sources close to MTV are reportedly saying the plan is to film the birth as it’s happening with an eye toward showing the footage in the future. Obviously, no one is expecting uncomfortable or graphic footage of the birth will ever be aired, but even if they only shoot her face, it will prove a marked departure from what Jionni wanted and what they supposedly agreed upon.

I like the idea of seeing a realistic image of who someone is during a reality show. I get the idea that Snooki has made her mark by being incredibly open, but I still kind of feel like it’s gross and exploitive to film someone’s birth and then show it to the world. In eighteen years, I can’t imagine little Lorenzo is going to be stoked about his friends watching his umbilical cord get cut on YouTube.

That’s just me though. What do you think? Is this supposed filming gross or good policy? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should Snooki Have Cameras In The Delivery Room?

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