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So, Tyson Beckford Called Julia Roberts By The Wrong Name On The Oscars Red Carpet

Working the Red Carpet of a major awards ceremony is hard. Without a safety net, hosts are expected to calmly and smoothly interact with dozens of presenters, nominees, random famous people and even their dates. Beyond that, they’re expected to balance the generic questions about outfits they’re expected to ask and still think on their feet quickly enough to ask impulsive and interesting questions. For years, people like Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic have made it look easy, but at its core, it’s really not easy at all, a fact Tyson Beckford was reminded of during ABC’s coverage when he accidentally called Julia Roberts “Jessica Roberts”.

In his defense, he corrected himself immediately and a Jessica Biel shot was in line to pop up next, but those very rational reasons for his screw-up didn’t stop the name “Jessica Roberts” from trending on Twitter, as per E! News. Plus, it’s his job to get everyone’s name out properly. So, as much as you’d like to cut him some slack, he’s probably earned some good-natured jokes at his expense.

Beckford first rose to prominence in the early to mid-90s as a male model. That led to a more general expansion of his fame and some stints hosting or co-hosting various programs and one-off specials. Because of that history, he makes a lot of sense as a man covering the Red Carpet. If he’s ever given the chance to participate again, hopefully he’ll be a little more careful with his words next time.

Mack Rawden

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