Someone Is Shopping Pictures Of Oscar De La Hoya Doing Coke

When we think of leaked celebrity pictures or videos, the first ones that come to mind are always those involving nudity. From sex tapes to nipple slips to raunchy photosets sent to boyfriends, showing a little skin always generates press. That being said, there are other types of photographs one doesn’t want to get out either, ones that are far worse than a shot of a celeb picking his or her nose. Justin Bieber found that out a few months ago when pot smoking pics got out, and now, famed boxer and promoter Oscar De La Hoya may discover the same thing.

According to TMZ, someone is trying to sell shots of the former champion going to town on some cocaine inside a party in Las Vegas. It’s unclear exactly how many photos there might be, but there seems to be multiple because they supposedly depict De La Hoya using a rolled up bill to snort coke and him lounging after the act is complete.

For anyone who has followed De La Hoya’s career, this sad lefthand turn shouldn’t come as a big shock. The Golden Boy has battled his share of demons over the years. He’s publically admitted to problems with cocaine and alcohol, and he’s checked into rehab on a few occasions, most recently a few weeks ago. The timing of this last treatment trip was puzzled over by the media because it occurred just a few days before the Floyd Mayweather/ Canelo Alvarez fight, which De La Hoya promoted. If the legend’s problem was getting so bad he was letting random people take pictures of him doing coke, however, it sounds like a good thing he was so proactive about seeking help.

Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to De La Hoya as he attempts to get clean. Here’s to hoping his efforts stick this time and he’s able to get back to being a hell of a fight promoter.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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