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Soulja Boy Weed And Cough Medicine

Once upon a time, rappers may have been glorified for flashy lifestyles and over the top drug use, but the tide seems to be turning a bit. Unfortunately, no one passed along that message to Soulja Boy, whose Instagram account is a flashy explosion of expensive cars, helicopters, hundred dollar bill wads and most unfortunately, drugs.

Earlier this week, the rapper sent out the above picture of bags of weed and bottles of cough syrup and actually received quite a bit of negativity for it from fans who don’t quite understand why he would glorify drug use or even be proud of it.

Obviously, the bigger concern here is the cough medicine. Musicians have always and will always smoke a little pot, but the community’s collective concern over cough medicine, or so-called purple drank, is growing by the day, especially in light of Lil Wayne’s hospitalization, which may or may not have been caused by Codeine.

I have no idea what Soulja Boy is doing with all this cough medicine, but I truly hope he understands sooner rather than later that there’s nothing glorious about overdosing on cough medicine, of all things.