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Two years ago, Georgia bred football prospect Reuben Foster committed to Alabama, but after careful consideration, he changed his mind. He moved to Auburn, Alabama, got an Auburn University tattoo and decided to play football when he went to college for his new hometown Tigers. As one of the most highly touted prospects in the country, he was warmly embraced by the fanbase, but now, he’s morphed into public enemy number one after he abruptly changed his mind and decided the hated University of Alabama was (once again) the right place for him.

The rivalry between Auburn and Alabama is among the fiercest in all of college athletics. In the early 1900s, tensions got so heated between the schools that they refused to play each other for four decades until the state’s elected officials threatened to withdraw all funding to the universities unless they renewed the rivalry. The teams finally agreed to share the same field in 1948, and their fans have been fighting it out and poisoning each other’s beloved trees ever since.

According to ESPN, Foster is the number one ranked inside linebacker and number sixteen ranked overall football prospect. He was widely recruited by a number of schools before he started his whole Alabama-to-Auburn-to-Alabama game of musical chairs. No doubt he’ll get booted by Tigers fans the first time he steps onto the field, but if he’s able to win as many national championships as the team has lately, he’ll probably look back on the jeers and smile. As for the tattoo, there’s always laser procedures.