At least one Baldwin is capable of earning good press. Yesterday, the youngest Baldwin, 46-year-old Stephen, was out hanging with some of the usual suspects—in this case, his publicist, Brad Taylor—when a girl collapsed in the bar the two were patronizing. While many onlookers gawked, Baldwin decided to take action.

The actor hopped up from his table and ran to the corner, where the young woman had begun to show signs of having a seizure. According to The New York Daily News, the unnamed woman continued to undergo convulsions for over three minutes, and Baldwin held her hand and prayed for the young lady through her suffering. The Flyboys actor later stated he just wanted to make sure she would come out of the experience alright.
“I held her hand and said a few prayers. I wanted to make sure the young lady was okay and her breathing wasn’t restricted.”

Baldwin learned to be a saving grace under seizure pressure due to growing up with a sibling suffering from epilepsy. Recognizing the same symptoms in the young woman, the actor knew just how he could be of help, remaining with the young lady until a nurse showed up to help revive her. It’s difficult to know what to do in situations where people clearly need specific medical attention, but with good Samaritans like Baldwin out in the universe, there are a lot more happy endings than there would be, otherwise.

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