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Steven Seagal typically plays men who get things done with their fists, but in a perfect world, he’d like to be a man who gets things done on the legislative docket. The B movie actor and noted ass kicker took time out of his busy schedule (it’s still busy, right?) to sit down with Phoenix’s ABC affiliate and talk about a wide range of political issues and his own gubernatorial aspirations.

Speaking to ABC 15, Seagal said he’s got a ton of “responsibilities that may be more important to address”, but nonetheless, he is considering a run in the upcoming Arizona Governor’s race. Given we’re talking about Arizona, it’s pretty easy to guess what his primary issue is too. Immigration.
"I think that across these borders any kind of terrorism can come—and does come—and I think this is a tremendous oversight by the current administration. I think that it's a crime, I think that we should really be paying attention to our borders. And I think Reagan once said that if you don't have security on your borders you don't have a country."

As Reagan himself and more recently Arnold Schwarzenegger have taught us, the leap from actor to politician isn’t as difficult as one would imagine, but nonetheless, it still takes some skillful maneuvering to make it happen. Arnold’s wife, who he wasn’t estranged with at the time, is Kennedy cousin Maria Shriver, and the two spent many years talking politics and going to functions prior to his run. Reagan, conversely, was head of the Screen Actors Guild, which is almost the equivalent of running a sizeable company. Seagal isn’t on either of those levels at this point, but if he’s really invested in making this dream come true, he should start trying to get there.

Or, he could, of course, let this dream fade away and spend the rest of his career cashing checks in fun reputation roles in things like Expendables 3 and reality shows like True Justice. It might not be the most glamorous twilight, but it’s a whole lot better than what most people do at his age.

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