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Stevie Wonder Will Headline Concert During Super Bowl Weekend

Next weekend should be a great weekend for Super Bowl fans and music fans alike. The highlight of the weekend may be the Ravens versus 49ers game, but several big name musical acts are set to perform. Now, Stevie Wonder has announced he will headline a performance during the big weekend.

Wonder has signed on to perform next weekend during an event sponsored by Bud Light, because obviously, when audiences think of certain Bud products, Stevie Wonder goes hand in hand. Seriously though, the concert will be held at Wyndham Riverfront Hotel in New Orleans and will also feature Texas’ very own Gary Clark, Jr. The Washington Times is reporting the concert will go down in the Big Easy on February 2, and for those fools who are bad at simple math, that’s next Saturday.

Wonder and Clark, Jr. join a growing list of musicians set to perform over the weekend. Of course, Beyoncé has taken over the big halftime show and Alicia Keys singing the "Star-Spangled Banner." On the night before the big game, Justin Timberlake will also perform, although his big return to the stage will happen at a different venue, sponsored by DirecTV, where he will be joined by Pitbull. Timberlake’s concert is invitation only, so even if you will be in New Orleans, there’s a good chance you are getting nowhere near that stage. Maybe Wonder’s concert will be a little more open—at the very least, it should feature more beer.

Jessica Rawden

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