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Wait….there’s 12 bindles of heroin and a prescription drug in my house? If you believe Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans, that was her honest reaction after authorities showed up to her house to deal with a domestic disturbance between the reality star and her on-again-off-again husband Courtland Rogers and uncovered the aforementioned drugs.

The incident in question happened earlier this week. After Jenelle and Courtland both denied the heroin belonged to them, police decided to arrest and charge both with possession with intent to distribute, as well as charges related to him allegedly punching her in the side of the head and her allegedly throwing a piece of furniture at him.

According to TMZ, Jenelle admits she threw a piece of furniture at Courtland, but she reportedly told authorities it was in self-defense. As for the heroin, she doesn’t seem to be actually pointing the finger at her husband as much as playing the confused card. Considering there aren’t a whole lot of options for who could have put the heroin there, however, playing the confused card is basically tantamount to pointing the finger at Rogers or one of the members of his family.

Ordinarily, I’m a fan of people trying to work on their marriage, but this mess was pretty doomed from the start. Once Jenelle and Courtland deal with these legal matters, it sounds like it would be best if they went their separate ways and got a fresh start, preferably without heroin.