A bunch of enterprising teens have figured out a way to distill the extremely potent alcohol out of hand sanitizer. Apparently, all it takes is a halfway intelligent mind and a bit of salt to get the job done. As gross and stupid as the whole idea sounds, it is also dangerous, and it has been causing a small influx of problems in Los Angeles.

Before we get to the dangerous, I’ll mention the gross. Some teens are not bothering with the distillation process that occurs when the product is run through the salt, instead desiring to just straight up drink the noxious, slimy concoction. Seriously there are better ways to get drunk if teens are really so desirous. What happened to the days of cough syrup and stealing church wine? What happened to having big brothers around? You would think there would have to be a better idea.

The real problem, though, is how potent the alcohol in hand sanitizer is. According to MSNBC, in the last month, eight teens have been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning from hand sanitizer. In a nutshell, it is easy for teens to get really, really drunk off of the stuff, which has a proof somewhere between the average vodka and Everclear. The L.A. Children’s Hospital initially involved with the alcohol poisonings is suggesting parents lock that shit up. Honestly, though, hand sanitizer only kills off the top layer of germs. Do we really need it anyway?

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