Will Tiger Woods Win A Major This Year?

In November of 2009, Tiger Woods went from an unstoppable juggernaut to an intensely flawed and beatable human being within the matter of a week. As allegations and later confirmations of extramarital affairs surfaced, the golfer’s machine-like armor began chipping, and after his wife left, it vanished almost completely. Gone was the guy who mowed down opponents with a joyful gusto. He was replaced with a more moody, more damaged and far less vicious player who couldn’t close the deal.

For two years, the once unstoppable Woods won a grand total of zero tournaments. Many openly wondered if he would ever win again. This year has answered that question. Woods has won on two separate occasions already, and heading into the third round of the US Open earlier today, he seemed in a prime position to capture his first major in four years. Sadly, his play was a bit erratic, and he now sits several shots off the lead going into tomorrow.

I’m not convinced Tiger has enough left in the tank to jump all the good players ahead of him, but his first two rounds this week finally have me believing he will win another major. The question is whether he can get his shit together enough to do it this year. Barring a comeback tomorrow, which is possible, Woods has two more shots at glory this year.

What do you think? Will Tiger win a major this year, or will he show up at the Masters in 2013 having not won a major since 2008? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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