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Earlier this week, Patriots coach Bill Belichick decided to sign polarizing quarterback Tim Tebow. Because of how much say he has over the franchise, it was initially unclear whether owner Robert Kraft was among those who supported the decision, but if his latest quotes can be taken at face value, he’s actually hoping the for Florida star will wind up on the roster.

Here’s a portion of what Kraft said during CNBC’s Summer On The Street segment, as per ESPN
"I don't think there is a nicer person that I've ever met, and now he'll get to compete with all the other people at the position, and our hope is that he's on our 53-man roster."

In the world of football, that’s about as ringing of an endorsement a new player can get, but it still doesn’t guarantee Tebow will be with the team in a few months. Tom Brady is clearly penciled in at number one, and most observers think Ryan Mallett will likely grab the second slot. That would leave Tebow fighting to be the third string quaterback, and truth be told, Belichick didn’t even bother keeping a third stringer around last year, instead electing to add depth in another place. Plus, while the coach can almost definitely handle the media circus, there’s no telling whether or not he’ll think it’s worth it for a non-starter.

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Will Tebow Make The Team?

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