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Tom Cruise wasn’t at his Beverly Hills Residence last night. His security guards, however, were, and they leapt into action after spotting a man climbing over the movie star’s fence. After a brief chase, the dude was hit with a stun gun, and authorities were called. The trespasser was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment related to being tasered, and while there, cops made a pretty surprising discovery about the forty-one-year-old.

According to E! Online, the guy who climbed the fence was actually Jason Sullivan, Cruise’s neighbor. Their properties apparently butt up against one another’s, and at the time of the incident, police say Sullivan was hammered drunk and probably confused. Here’s the official police comment…
”Sullivan lives at an adjacent property and was intoxicated at the time of the incident and may have confused himself and entered the wrong property."

It’s unlikely Cruise will press charges for trespassing given the actual circumstances that surrounded this incident, but regardless, this mess does raise a few interesting questions. 1) Why was a forty-one-year-old so drunk at 9:35 on a Sunday that he couldn’t differentiate his house from his neighbor’s residence? 2) How drunk do you have to be to stumble into the wrong house? 3) Was this actually just a drunken impulse to get a better look at Cruise’s house?

Whatever the reasons for Sullivan’s ill-advised climb, Cruise should feel pretty good today about the security mechanisms he has in place. This dude was hit with a stun gun almost immediately after he went over the fence, and assumedly, the same thing would happen to a real threat.