Fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger has made a fortune shaping and creating trends. When he speaks about clothing, people tend to listen, which is perhaps why so many did a double take today when footage emerged of the sixty-two-year-old offering some advice about jeans, specifically, some advice on how often to wash jeans.

When asked by a TMZ cameraman how often to wash jeans, Hilfiger admitted he doesn’t advise ever washing jeans because it negatively affects the fit. For those who like a more relaxed, worn feeling in a pair of trousers, there’s no doubt some vigorous head-nodding going on, but for those who like to tighten those babies up down the road, there’s probably a bit of confusion happening.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see where Tommy is coming from. From a fashion designing perspective, clothes are made to fit a certain way, and putting them in a washing machine definitely affects the size and proportions. As such, it makes sense that he would want ya’ll to avoid it. In addition, a man like Hilfiger is bound to have a lot of pairs of jeans and probably buys new ones after a certain period of time. Plus, there are many more who have admitted to only washing on rare occasions.

On the other hand, however, beyond the fit issue, there’s also an issue of sanitation and smell. A lot of people wash jeans, not because they want to change the size but because they want the damn things to smell good. It’s not as if most Americans own thirty pairs of jeans. Even those who are very into fashion tend to prefer one or two pairs above the rest in their closet.

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