Unless he was keeping it from his immediate family, Tony Scott was not suffering from inoperable brain cancer when he jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge over the weekend. The beloved director’s loved ones told the LA County Coroner as much during an interview over the weekend, and while the investigation could potentially find evidence of the disease, it seems unlikely Scott could have hidden a secret that big.

Following news of the Hollywood legend’s death, reports began circulating that the brain cancer diagnosis had led him to take his own life. The theory was widely accepted for about a day or so until rumors of the family’s denial surfaced. The coroner finally went on record to The Los Angeles Times last night with what the family said to him.
”The family told us it is incorrect that he has inoperable brain cancer."

Sometimes the most convenient definition isn’t the one supported by facts. No doubt the search for answers will continue for the next few weeks until the coroner makes his findings public, but regardless of what he says, Scott’s family and Hollywood as a whole will be feeling the director’s loss for decades.

From Top Gun to True Romance to The Good Wife, Tony had his hands in a lot of wonderful projects during his lifetime, and nothing will be able to erase his incredible legacy.

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