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Our two favorite Scooby Gang sweethearts had their own little get together this past weekend and it’s as if time stood still. Buffy and Willow (Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan) posed with a balloon giraffe and proved that it really is time for a full Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion:

Both actresses are rocking some seriously 90s denim and along with Hannigan’s Willow Season 4 haircut it’s as if we’ve traveled back to the good old days when the two were fighting the badies side-by-side along with the gang. And looks like their adorable dynamic duo status has translated off screen as well as the two are all smiles in their reunion.

According to another photo Sarah Michelle Gellar posted on her Instagram account, the two were reunited, along with Hannigan’s husband/weasley Wesley, Alexis Denisof for a party Hannigan and husband threw in Santa Monica. Geller claims Hannigan the “#CraftMaster” and if that balloon animal is of her doing, we’d have to agree.

It’s been a little over 12 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended, but that hasn’t stopped the cast from moving on to bigger and better things. Hannigan became most recognized for her role as Lily Aldrin on the hit CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother while Gellar took on a number of projects including a co-starring role alongside Robin Williams in The Crazy Ones.

For a show that ran seven seasons and also revolved around the concept of friendship, it comes as no surprise that the cast has remained so close. Buffy cast members are often reuniting, and probably reminiscing about all the demon ass they once kicked because what else would they need to talk about? I mean come on really?

With the current landscape of TV and film reboots, one has to wonder if there’s a Buffy the Vampire Slayer on screen reunion of sorts in our future. Sarah Michelle Gellar has joked that she’s too old to reprise the Slayer. And even though the series did wrap up nicely, I’d still never deny an older, more matured punning Buffy out on demon prowl.

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