University Of Kansas Officials Threaten Popular KUBoobs Twitter Account

Boobs are pretty awesome. They fill out dresses. They leave a stream of agape dudes in their wake. They sometimes make us wish we had more hands. They have the power to sustain and nourish life, and apparently, they help inspire comebacks too. That’s what the Jayhawk fans found out last year after a busty coed named Tiffany Kent jokingly tweeted out a picture of her rather ample assets cloaked in Kansas attire while her team was down 19 points and quickly watched the boys storm back.

Out of her “#kuboobs” hashtag, a movement was born in which Kansas girls sent in cleavagy pictures of themselves sporting Jayhawk gear. The results were put up through a Twitter handle called KUBoobs, and the movement quickly attracted more than sixty thousand followers. After all, who wouldn’t want to follow a Twitter account regularly delivering Earth-shattering content like this?…

Unfortunately, as KUBoobs started becoming more popular, it attracted the attention of the university’s legal department, which was none too pleased about the mammary-glorifying website selling wristbands which may or may not have made the movement seem like it was affiliated with the University of Kansas. As such, KUBoobs was hit with a cease and desist letter earlier this week. Luckily, however, there might still be a way out of the jam.

According to The New York Daily News, the university’s lawyers, probably after noticing Jayhawk fans were none too pleased about suddenly having less boobs in their lives, told the Twitter account it can continue to operate if all merchandise is taken down immediately. As that doesn’t seem to have been a necessary stream of income, there’s really no reason to think that’s not a feasible compromise, but until the specifics are worked out, the site's future will remain in doubt.

Whether the movement continues or not, hundreds of lovely ladies have already given the world a tease of their more feminine angles, and those pictures will continue floating around, much to our collective enjoyment. So, for the hell of it, here’s another boob picture to spice up your otherwise boring Wednesday.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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