Usher's 5-Year-Old Son Hospitalized After Getting Hand Caught In Pool Drain

Usher’s son was rushed to the hospital yesterday after a freak pool accident left the five-year-old unconscious. The boy’s physicians are optimistic he won’t have any long-term aftereffects from the mishap, but for the time being, he remains hospitalized.

The problems began around 6 PM in the family’s backyard. Papa Usher was out and about, and Usher Raymond V was playing in the pool alongside his aunt. At some point, a toy got stuck in the drain and he decided to swim down and fetch it. Unfortunately, the attempt went seriously wrong, and he wound up getting his hand stuck inside the drain. The aunt in question quickly dove in to try and free him, but she was unable to. Next, the maid dove in and tried to do the same thing, but she was also unable to free him. Thinking quickly, she emerged from the water and screamed for men to come out of the house. Two workers heard the call, jumped in and were able to free the boy. At that point, someone called 911, CPR was administered and he was quickly taken to the hospital.

A little more than a year ago, the son of Usher’s ex-wife and Usher V’s mom Tameka Raymond was hit with a jet ski while tubing. After a lengthy fight, the eleven-year-old lost his life as a result of the accident. No doubt this troubling, water-related accident brought up memories of that tragic event, but luckily, the prognosis for Usher V seems to be much better. According to TMZ, doctors have run an extensive battery of tests, and they haven’t found any reasons to be concerned.

Usher and Tameka have had more than their share of problems over the past few years. Their court battles have been ugly, expensive and numerous. Clearly, there’s a whole lot of bad blood there. After poor Kile’s death last year, they were unable to get on the same page and resolve all of their problems. Maybe this further lesson in how fleeting life can be will get the job done, or maybe the two will sadly just go on ruing each other’s days and fighting for the hell of it.

Regardless, Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the entire Raymond family, as well as everyone involved in the rescue of Usher V. It took a team approach and a lot of quick thinking in order to free the boy from the drain. Thank God someone knew CPR, and thank God no precious moments were wasted. Here’s to hoping this story inspires more people to get certified in life-saving techniques, especially if they’re working around children.

Mack Rawden
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