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A Utah resident was sleeping soundly in her rental home when a giant boulder came crashing down a nearby ridge and into her bedroom. The boulder was roughly 12 feet long and 9 feet wide, as well as very thick, and while it didn’t crush the woman, it did injure her pretty severely.

Wanda Denhalter was never worried about the boulders on the ridge behind her home. It was her husband, Scot, who seemed to be more worried about them. It was an act of luck that Scot was spending the night at his son’s home when the boulder came crashing into the bedroom he shared with his wife on Saturday. Scot recently told The Salt Lake Tribune that Wanda rolled over on to Scot’s side of the bed, and in doing so, avoided being crushed by the large boulder.

While the woman avoided getting crushed by the large rock, she did sustain multiple injuries across her body. She broke her jaw and doctors were forced to wire it shut. Additionally, she broke her sternum and severely cut open her leg. Despite the injuries, she was able to place a 911 call and received help very quickly. She made it to a hospital near her St. George home and is now recovering nicely. While serious injuries and a hospital stay don’t seem like the luckiest thing to ever happen to a sleeping individual, it’s a wonder the woman is still alive, considering the size of the boulder and the fact that it slammed into her bedroom with force. Our thoughts go out to Denhalter as she recovers.