After years of infighting and multiple member changes, Van Halen decided to get its act together as a group and go on tour. Oh yeah, and impressively create the band’s first studio album in 14 years. The tour has been underway since February 18 and has grossed $38 million dollars, a number that is certainly too hot for teacher. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to keep the band together for the remainder of the A Different Kind of Truth tour.

The band has already played around fifty shows, a hefty number for a group comprised of several members pushing 60. Apparently, Van Halen thinks so, too, and has decided to cancel most of the scheduled tour dates starting in June. This means if you are a ticketholder for any of the events landing in May or have a hot-spot, big event ticket (like June 1 and 9 dates at the Staples Center in Los Angeles) you are probably safe. If you hold tickets to one of the 30 other remaining dates, you are going to have to keep your eyes peeled for a reschedule.

While Rolling Stone initially reported the band’s fighting is what caused the A Different Kind of Truth tour to let up early, THR contends cutting the dates simply had to do with tired band members. Because the band does plan to reschedule, I’d place my bet on the latter being the case. Infighting or no, who wants to give up on a 95% sold out tour unless they really have to?

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