Vanilla Ice Avoids Foreclosure

Vanilla Ice has been a lot of things. He’s been a rapper and a stabbing victim, a husband and a house renovator. However, he’s never been evicted, and it seems Mr. Van Winkle would like to keep it that way.

Ice had a testy little battle recently when the homeowner’s association for Palm Spring’s community threatened foreclosure on the house. However, Ice was not behind on rent or throwing unruly parties or doing any number of things one might normally expect from someone who is pissing off a homeowner’s association. As frequently happens when celebrities have money problems – just ask Richard Hatch - Ice 'forgot' to pay a fee.

When Hurricane Wilma came around, it hit some areas in Palm Beach fairly hard. In Ice’s neighborhood, some palm trees came down. Turns out, it was enough to cost each household owner a pretty penny. According to TMZ, $2,800 was the sum the neighborhood homeowner’s association asked of Ice. Though expensive, for a dude who owns a mansion, that sum should be more of an inconvenience than an actual problem. Regardless, Ice never bothered to pay, and as he continued to ignore the tree cost, the figure began to grow.

When it hit $4,100, that was the last straw for the homeowners association. They filed foreclosure on the house and forced Ice to show up for court. Luckily, he finally took action and paid the damn people. The whole thing could have gone far worse. It just goes to show, if you choose to be part of a homeowner’s association, you better pay your dues! Hopefully, that is a lesson he will go over in the next season of The Vanilla Ice Project.