Volkswagon showed an über cool ad about the dangers of texting and driving to a bunch of unsuspecting moviegoers overseas, and it worked perfectly. People were stunned to see the person they were previously watching wrecked when they checked a text message on their cell phones. The reactions of the crowd said it all, and undoubtedly changed a few minds about texting and driving. All that being said, there are a few grievances I wish to air about this video.

My first question has to be was the cell phone noises legit or were they post production magic? If not it blows my mind that so many people in that theater had neglected to put their phone on silent when they entered the movie. Putting your phone on vibrate is 21st century movie etiquette 101 and I was legitimately appalled when I heard all the ringtones erupting throughout the theater.

My second thought, which I’m sure you imagined as well, was how was that guy able to send everyone a text via computer? Did he have some voodoo wireless signal that hacked everyone’s phone? After a bit of pondering I’m guessing Volkswagen reps probably offered incentives prior to the screening for sharing your cell phone number and then told you to have your phone on you for some special treat or something. It would be cool, however, if there were some kind of way to freak out people by sending random bursts of eerie texts to an entire radius of people. I would have wayyy too much fun with that at my work place.

Third, what is with this chick…

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What’s the thought process here? Let’s make a brilliant ad with all the bells and whistles, use mobile integration and then right at the climax of the ad, zoom in on the girl with zero reaction! Her response was so underwhelming you would think she was staring at a blank wall! She isn’t even phased by the obviously amped-up car crash sound that startled most of the audience to begin with. Seriously, this woman must be constructed of iron and nails because she don’t rattle for shit. She’s braver than I, because I know if I were in on this awesome ad, I would’ve freaked!

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