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Because Wade Robson waited so long to file a claim against Michael Jackson’s estate, it’s entirely possible the successful choreographer will never see a dime of the deceased singer’s assets, even if he was actually molested, but now, thanks to an entirely new legal motion, it’s extremely likely he will wind up taking his allegations to court. This week, Robson filed a civil lawsuit against fifty different parties, allegedly for not doing anything to protect him between the ages of seven and fourteen from a pattern of serious abuse.

According to TMZ, it’s unclear exactly who all the people being targeted by the lawsuit are, but the principal corporations are allegedly MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, which are Jackson’s record labels and music video companies. Both were instrumental in bringing Robson to the States from Australia, and both worked with the boy to put him in various productions and get him on his feet.

After years of publically defending Jackson including on the witness stand, Robson suffered an emotional breakdown last year. He stopped working, broke numerous contracts and allegedly recovered a stream of memories of what happened to him as a child during the time he spent with Jackson. At this point, it’s unclear whether he has any actual evidence beyond his own allegations, but if this case does proceed to trial, no doubt it will be very well covered.

We will keep you updated on the legal proceedings as they move forward.

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